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Silicon Valley Connects Africa (SVCA) A platform designed for Startup Story Telling, Pitch Battles, Mentorship, Investment Deals, Match making and Events that overs around the Global Innovation Space.


Silicon Valley Connects Africa (SVCA) An Integrated, News Magazine and Investment Deals Platform.


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Our Africa Connections

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  • We are connected with over 150 Tech Hubs throughout Africa and will start with the major Tech Hubs in Nigeria for our first phase launch before expanding all over Africa
  • We work closely with these Tech Hubs using their facilities for production shoots as a win-win value proposition: getting their startups on the Talk Show and helping them with brand visibility
  • We plan weekly productions with 5 promising Tech Startups and a local audience of about 15-20 other selected Startups
  • The shows promise to be Educating, Motivating and Entertaining




  • Projected audience of over 280 million views
  • We already have partnerships with PREMIUM.FREE and BOPTV for co-production
  • AFRICAXP, will be handling content distribution
  • We own our Linear channel through which we feed global broadcasts and distribute content
  • Together with other global media partners we’ll cover territories across Africa, Europe, MENA, Apac and America


Our Partners

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